What are DNA Premium Extensions?

Perfectly Matched

We’ve all heard of DNA, that magic spiral that makes us all unique. DNA defines the nature of an individual’s hair. It determines colour, texture, thickness, the speed of growth and the propensity to be straight or curly.

If you decide to enhance your natural look with hair extensions, you want them to be as close as possible, in every respect, to your own hair.

So, we ask you to send us a small sample of your hair and we compare it to a vast selection of human hair collected from around the world using the exact criteria displayed in the sample. That way we can provide hair extensions which match your own hair with absolute precision.

No more guesswork. No more “That’s near enough.” No more disappointment. Only the finest quality human hair extensions which complement your own hair perfectly.

100% Flawless Human Hair

How can we make such a claim?


First of all, DNA Hair Extensions are perfectly matched to a sample of your own hair using the very best quality control process, which determines the colour, texture and thickness of your hair and uses that information to select the only flawless option.

We only use the finest quality human hair available on the world market and create a range of extensions that can be cut, shampooed, brushed and styled to give you truly flawless hair.

Flawless equals perfection and perfection is our goal.

20 Years’ Experience

DNA Hair Extensions is a division of Innovative Hair Loss Solutions which has over 20 years’ experience of improving people’s confidence and the way they look by using safe, hair regrowth techniques based on laser stimulation and the use of carefully developed medical products.

We have been involved in professionally matching human hair extensions since 1993.

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