Women’s Hair Loss

Balding and hair loss are usually associated with men. But women of all ages can experience hair loss usually through a process known as thinning whereby a small proportion of hair is lost across the entire scalp.

While hair loss in women is less common than in men, specific treatments have been developed to address the problem and regrowth for women is just as achievable as it is for their male counterparts.

Innovative Hair Loss Solutions has a wealth of experience and knowledge about all forms of female hair loss including thinning, hairline recession and balding from the crown.

Causes Of Hair Loss

Each hair is made up of interlocked cells that grow from follicles in the scalp at around 12 millimetres a month. Each hair grows for up to seven years and then falls out. Hair loss is the result of hair not regrowing after falling out. This happens when the follicle does not receive sufficient blood flow and nerve stimulation.

Hair loss in women more often results in a patchy thinning of the hair rather than visible areas of baldness. It can sometimes be the result of significant periods of stress associated with hormonal imbalance, pregnancy, childbirth, crash dieting, family and financial issues, medications and emotional or physical abuse. Before attending your first appointment at Innovative Hair Loss Solutions, you should review the past year of your life to identify any significant traumatic experiences or medical conditions.


There are several types of treatment for hair loss – wigs, implants, transplants and skull caps to name a few. Innovative Hair Loss Solutions only treat the most common form of hair loss – androgenic alopecia. They treat it by using safe, low-level laser devices which stimulate tired and lazy hair follicles and sebaceous glands to continue producing healthy hairs.

The vast majority of women who consult IHLS will benefit from their treatments and, of those, 98% will experience success. Treatment usually consists of the application of a growth stimulant and a class 3 Crown Laser helmet. The level of laser treatment will differ according to the length of time you have suffered hair loss. They also offer a number of hair brushes, shampoos and topical hair treatments to enhance the laser treatment.


Prior to coming to Innovative I had experienced 17 years of my hair slowly falling out. I had got to the stage where I had to skilfully place my hair in certain places on my head to stop the scalp from showing. It was a pain having to do that because it served as an overt reminder that my hair was falling out and as the years passed by the problem started to get bigger and bigger inside my head. I don’t know what others thought but I do know that I had begun to feel very self-conscious and concerned that people were noticing my thinning hair. I had in fact received quite a few comments concerning my hair loss but I always tried to shrug it off, with lines to the effect that it didn’t concern me, but the truth was it greatly concerned me.

Then I saw a newspaper ad for Innovative and decided to give it a try. All I can say now, nearly one year later, is that I am so glad I did. My hair is no longer falling out. I have had massive hair growth and the condition of my hair is much improved. I even received comments from friends on how fantastic my hair looks. I sincerely recommend to anyone who suffers from hair loss to come along to Innovative and you will not be disappointed..

– Paula

Female hair loss

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